Do Wisdom Teeth Have To Be Removed?

November 4, 2016

  Wisdom teeth are the third molars and located in the very back of your upper and lower jaws. Those teeth typically erupt in your late teens to  early twenties. Some people are born without wisdom teeth.  For years, people have been getting their wisdom teeth removed. However, we do get patients who often ask […]

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Choosing the Right Mouthwash

February 13, 2013

 Mouthwashes are the integral part of your daily oral health regimen. Most people use mouthwash to achieve that fresh clean breath, but mouthwash also helps maintaining clean mouth and healthy gums. Research shows that the use of mouthwash along with flossing and brushing is more effective in maintaining a healthy and clean smile than brushing […]

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Is Mouth Guard Important When Playing Sports?

February 12, 2013

How do I deal with Dental Emergency? Mouthguard is a  removable device made out of soft and flexible plastic and is worn over the teeth, and is often used to protect teeth from injury while playing sports. Here are  the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about mouthguards: Q. Why do I […]

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Dental Emergencies

November 7, 2012

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and may range from a dull toothache to throbbing pain. At Serenity Dental, we offer same day appointments. It can be any type of emergency dental situation; our goal is to help you be pain-free as soon as possible.  We understand that toothache can be really excruciating at times. Our […]

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How important is nightguard?

September 25, 2012

Hello folks, This is our my first blog post. Since I saw quite a few patients recently with cracked teeth, I would like to share some important information with you about the importance of a nightgurad in preventing tooth loss. I would like to use the example of one of the cases  I recently saw at […]

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