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Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Mangat enjoys and has extensive experience working with patients with ‘dental phobia’. She designed her practice with spa-like touches, giving it calm and relaxing feel for its patients. She even named it ‘Serenity Dental’ to describe the tranquil environment that everyone loves. Although the place is peaceful and serene, she knows her patients need something to give them the comfort and security they need. She offers sedation dentistry, making procedures smoother and patients more receptive to the treatments they need. Her patients love her  very gentle and caring chairside manner which helps making them feel very comfortable.

You will no longer be afraid sitting in the dental chair once you experience Dr. Mangat’s sedation dentistry.  If your phobia causes you a lot of time, effort, and money, you will be surprised at how you can easily get the treatment you need in just a couple of dental sessions. Your sedative will just be enough to make you unaware of your treatment. You will feel relaxed or even fall asleep as Dr. Mangat gives you the dental treatment you need. You will feel refreshed – with little or no memory of your appointment – once it is done.

Dr. Mangat uses sedation for procedures as simple as tooth extraction or as complex as dental restorations. She also gives you insights and information before your appointment. She wants you to be completely informed and educated about your situation. Your understanding helps you be more receptive towards your treatment and proactive with the healing process involved after it. If you are afraid or anxious of any dental procedure, you can definitely say that sedation dentistry changed your life after getting treatment from Serenity Dental.

Sedation Dentistry Makes You Feel Calmer and More Relaxed

Sedation dentistry works by taking a pill prior to your dental procedure. The sedative ensures you are relaxed all throughout the process. Serenity Dental will welcome you on your day of operation with dim lights and relaxing music. After taking the pill, you will be given a warm, thick blanket and placed under monitoring to watch your vital signs. Dr. Mangat will take it from there to perform the operation or provide the treatment you need for your dental problem. After you are finished, you are now ready to heal and enjoy the results.

Sedation Dentistry Guarantees the Results You Need

Sedation dentistry really works.  You will feel calm and relaxed throughout your procedure. All you need to do is take a pill and chill.  You will have little or no memory of your dental procedure. You will not be able to remember sights, sounds, or smells. The relaxing effect can last up to six hours so you do not have to worry about the effects wearing off. It is extremely safe and you won’t feel any pain. You will be in a deeply relaxed state. Take note, however, that you need someone to accompany you home because of the effects of the sedative medication.

If you live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, an amazing dental experience awaits you. Get in touch with Serenity Dental now and know more about Dr. Mangat’s sedation dentistry. Do not let fear keep you from having the quality of life you want. Your perfect smile is just one visit away.

Testimonials from our patients who have tried Oral Sedation at Serenity Dental

Dr. Mangat and wonderful team of Serenity Dental…I cannot tell you how you have changed my life with your dental work. For years I neglected my teeth. In all these years, I made and cancelled numerous dental appointments at different dental offices because I never had the courage to sit in that chair. After I heard about you from one of my friends, I decided to visit you. Walking through the doors of your office for the first time was not easy for me, but I was so blown away  by the friendliness and care I recieved by you and everyone at Serenity Dental. Just having the conversation with you for the first time made be feel so comfortable and trust you.I am  thankful to Dr. Mangat for giving me a beautiful smile that I`m so proud of. You have certainly taken away the fear of the dentist that I had for years. Looking forward to book my next visit.


Dr. Mangat and her team made my visit so positive! I have been terrified of going to the dentist and Dr. Mangat has ridden me of that fear and I am actually looking forward to my next appointment. This has never been the case,ever, in my life! You are giving me back my smile and taking away something that has bothered me, every day, for so long. Thank you, Dr. Mangat. You have changed my life and I say that with sincerity.



Who is a candidate for Oral Sedation?

If you have  one or the following conditions:

  • Fear of dental procedures
  • History of traumatic dental experiences
  • Very sensitive gag reflex
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Problems with  getting numb
  • Difficulty opening you mouth
  • Needs complex dental work or surgical procedures
  • Have neglected your oral health for years
  • Often make the dental appointments then cancel it
  • Hate getting frozen beause it causes extreme anxiety
  • Embarrassed of your smile but afraid to sit in the dental chair to improve your smile
  • Ignore the dental problem till the pain is unbearable beacuse of the fear issues

Is it safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Dr. Mangat reviews your health history during your initial visit to make sure there is no contraindication to the use of the sedative agent.

Will I feel pain?

No, our patients who have experienced sedation dentistry at our office often compliment us on the procedures being painless.

Do I have to follow special precautions before and after the sedation dental visit?

Yes, Dr. Mangat and her team at Serenity dental will go over the pre-operative instructions during your pre-sedation consultaion visit. You will need to arrange for a responsible adult companion who can be with you for the rest of the day.

How long will I be sedated for?

You will be sedated for a duration of four to six hours. However, in some cases, effects may last upto 24 hours.

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