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We believe in building and nurturing relations:At Serenity Dental, we believe that best care is possible when we build positive relations with our patients based upon trust. Our team members truly care to know our patients well and take our patients needs and priorities into consideration. We would treat you as we would treat our own family members. In fact, we believe that our patients are part of our very extended family. We are told a number of times by our patients that they look forward to their visits to Serenity Dental because they like the positive environment which takes away their anxiety.

Spa-like atmosphere: Our patients compliment us often on how Serenity Dental does not feel, look or smell like a typical cold and sterile looking dental office. The minute you enter, expect to walk into a relaxing oasis of serenity. The patient lounge has a soothing peaceful atmosphere with a waterfall running and a relaxing music playing.

WIth warm color on the walls, dark floors, dark stained oak-doors, tasteful decor, and a very comfortable patient lounge, it looks like a spa. We have mood lights throughout the selected areas of the office to set a very relaxed atmosphere in the office and we use candles and incense sticks to offer a nice smelling environment to our visitors.

We have individual treatment rooms with beautiful etched glass windows and doors to offer privacy and reduce noise level in the office. Every treatment room has mirrors and sink so that our patients can ‘fix themselves up’ before exiting the treatment area.

We love to pamper you!!!!!!!!!!!

We try our best to make this a stress-free dental experience. A warm greeting by our always-ready to help team member is just the start to our care for you. In addition to being very tranquil, our beautiful patient lounge areaoffers a beverage station where you can enjoy a selection of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and bottled water. We have blankets, pillows and warm towels for yourcomfort during treatment. Our ergonomically designed ultra-leather dental chairs have an option of massage and heatwhich you can enjoythroughout your appointment while we work on your smile.


Beverage Bar

Aromatherapy Hot Towels

Internet Surfing Stations

State- of- the- art dentistry

At Serenity Dental, we don’t want the comfort of our office to overshadow the quality of our dentistry.We utilize state-of-the-art techniques and best dental materials to restore smiles. Our team continue to strive for excellence. We believe in continued education and updating ourselves in the latest innovations in dentistry to be able to offer the best possible care to our patients. We go above and beyond the requirements of continuing education guidelines setby Dental association and travel all across North America to be trained by the top leaders of dentistry.



Patient Education

We are the firm believers of patient education. We will never rush you into any treatment without educating you about the existing condition of your oral health, giving you the treatment options and discussing financial aspect of the treatment. We greatly value your opinions and help you make the best possible treatment decision.We utilize intraoral and SLR camera pictures, models, videos and Optio patient education software to help educate our patients.



We love treating patients with dental anxiety

One of our passions at Serenity Dental is helping patients with dental phobia receive the much needed dental care. In addition to our spa-like tranquil environment and a very gentle dental care, we offer very effective oral sedation techniques which we mastered over the years through our experience and by advancing our knowledge through various courses. Our biggest reward at Serenity Dental is making our patients believe in that dentistry does not have to be that painful.




Same day Emergency Appointments

We try our best to offer same day appointments for patients with dental emergencies during our regular office hours. We understand the dire need of dental help when there is a dental accident or a toothache. We also offer 24 hours emergency phone call service to our patients.


Modern Philosophy & Advanced Technology

At Serenity Dental, we assure you that we’ll deliver the highest quality dentistry aided by the most modern technology that dentistry has to offer.Some of the latest and proven innovations that we employ help both our staff and patients to smile.

  • Digital Intraoral X-rays: 90% less dose emission of radiation than traditional x-rays.
  • Digital Panoramic X-ray: Low dose digital x-ray of the whole mouth, jaws, TMJ, and sinuses.
  • Paperless digital office
  • Heat and massage chairs
  • Intraoral Cameras: It helps to illustrate your existing dental condition. At Serenity Dental, this is one of our most useful patient education tools.
  • Digital SLR Cameras: It helps to take crystal-clear pictures of your teeth and oral tissues. We take these images for smile makeover to display before and afters, patient education, communication with the specialist’s offices.
  • Laser detection of cavities: It helps to detect cavities in the very initial stages which are often difficult to diagnose via x-rays and dental explorer.
  • Electric Handpieces: The quieter and faster drill for more comfort and efficiency.
  • Air Abrasion: Helps to restore smaller size cavities with no freezing.
  • Izolation System: A very efficient suction and isolation system for the comfort of our patients
  • Diode Lasers: Helps performing soft tissue surgical procedures with minimal to no discomfort, treatment of canker and cold sores, doing gum-uplifting to enhance smiles.
  • Dental Magnification Loupes and LED Loupe Light: To help us improve the vision to provide highest quality of care.
  • Laser Teeth Whitening: For fast and very effective results without the discomfort of sitting in front of the hot and bright lights for an hour or longer
  • State-of-the-art Root Canal Technology: Helps us to finish the procedure fast and in single visit.

Direct Billing to Insurance: At Serenity Dental, we offer direct billing to your insurance to make it easier for you to receive dental care. For more information, please visit our “Insurance and Payment” page.


Your dental health is important to us; therefore, we recommend you to seek the necessary dental care to avoid serious problems in future. It is our goal to help simplify payment options for you. We offer financing through dental card which is very affordable way to finance dental treatment.

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