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You only have two options when faced with tooth loss: (1) leave it as it is or (2) replace the missing tooth. It may be a brave thing to go out with missing teeth, but it is not a smart move. Leaving a space in your gums can lead to further complications to your diet and appearance.  It also places you on a risk of losing more teeth. Your choice should be clear when finding a solution to missing tooth.Of all the solutions to this problem, dentists recommend replacing them with dental implants. Here at Serenity Dental, we choose options which are for the best interest of our patients.

Why replacement is the solution?

Each teeth is connected to your jaw. It comes in two parts: the crown and the root. The crown being the exposed part while the root is attached to the jaw. When one of your teeth falls out, that space in the jaw loses its purpose. This results in atrophy and weakening of the overall jaw. To make up for the space, some of the teeth will move and lead to improper spacing. In a few years, the remaining set may follow suit! No new sets of teeth will grow out of those spaces. It is time to replace them at once.

What are my options for tooth replacement?

Dentists will give you three options: removable partial dentures, fixed bridges, and dental implants. Out of the three, dentists recommend the last option as it provides permanent solution.Implants are durable and are meant to act as natural tooth. It will be as if you never lost your natural teeth. Unlike your original set, it is resistant against tooth decay, saving you from future problems. It also prevents the series of problems that may ensue involving the jaw.

Gain back the confidence you lost due to missing teeth with our quality dental implants. Call Serenity Dental and schedule an appointment for your preliminary assessment.

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