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Serenity Dental accepts most major insurance plans and the assignment of insurance benefits. Our goal is to maximise your insurance benefits so that your out of pocket expenses are minimum. It is important to understand that the insurance contract is between the insurance company and you, the insured. Dental insurance was not designed to pay for all dental care. Treatment recommended by our doctors is based upon your oral health needs and not on what your insurance company will pay. Due to pending claims and patient privacy issues, we do not always know how much an insurance company has already paid to another office or specialist,  and the balance remaining on a yearly maximum.

For your convenience, we can check with your insurance provider to find out what is covered under your plan. Our office insurance expert will help you get the maximum reimbursement as long as you bring all your forms and booklets with you. When insurance information is not readily available, you may either delay the treatment until we have 100% information available, or have the treatment right away by paying for the procedure. Due to privacy reasons, some insurance companies do not provide your insurance information to the dental office. In that case if you are able to provide us with your insurance booklets, you will be responsible for the 100% cost of the treatment. Our  office will gladly submit your insurance claim to your insurance carrier, as a courtesy to you. At the time of the treatment, the patient or guarantor is responsible for the estimated portion the insurance does not cover. If for some unforeseen reason your insurance carrier has denied or not made payment within 60 days, the patient or guarantor is responsible for the balance in full.

Payment Options

All co-payments will be due in full at the time of service or treatment. We accept payment via Mastercard, Visa, Interac, and cash.We don’t accept personal cheques.

Payment Plan Option

We are pleased to offer a choice of convenient monthly payments to qualified applicants. We have partnered with  Dental Card to arrange financing for dental services. Please call our office for further information. You can either finance a portion or the entire cost of the dental procedure. Approval generally takes 2-24 hours.

Please call our office if you have any questions on Insurance and Payment options and we will be glad to assist you.


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