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Choosing the Right Mouthwash

mouth_wash Mouthwashes are the integral part of your daily oral health regimen. Most people use mouthwash to achieve that fresh clean breath, but mouthwash also helps maintaining clean mouth and healthy gums. Research shows that the use of mouthwash along with flossing and brushing is more effective in maintaining a healthy and clean smile than brushing and flossing alone. There are different kinds of mouthwashes that are available in the drugstores. They have different purposes of use. You can find  the mouthwashes that have alcohol or that are alcohol free. If it causes burning in the mouth, you should stick to the ones that have no alcohol. This is also true if you have a dry mouth. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN UNDER SIX USE THE MOUTHWASH as they can swallow the mouthwash.

Here are the main types of mouthwashes:

Anti- Plaque Mouthwashes: These have antiseptic properties that fight the germs in your mouth. They help against plaque build up on teeth and gums. These mouthwashes also give you fresh breath.  Some of the examples for this category are Listerine Classic and Listerine Zero.

Anti- Cavity Mouthwashes: These contain fluoride which is very effective in fighting against the tooth decay and helps strengthen the enamel. Listerine Ultra clean Anti-cavity and Crest Pro-Health For Me Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse fall under the category of anti-cavity mouthwashes.

Combination Type: It is the combination of properties that help fight bad breath, cavities and plaque formation.  Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse and Listerine Total Care Zero are some of the mouthwashes that falls into this category.

Prescription Type: This is for suitable for patients with gingivitis or periodontitis (advanced level of gum disease). This type of mouthwash is prescribed by your dentist along with thorough teeth cleaning to achieve healthy gums. This is only supposed to be used for limited time only as suggested by your dentist. Prolonged use may cause staining of the teeth. One of the example of this type of mouthwash is Peridex which contains chlorhexidine.

Natural Mouthwashes: These are alcohol free mouthwashes that use essential oils for flavoring. There are several brands available. Not all natural mouthwashes have the ability to eliminate plaque. Tom’s of Maine makes several different kinds of natural mouthwashes.

Mouthwashes For Bad Breath: Most mouthwashes kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. There are some mouthwashes that are specifically designed for addressing the problem of halitosis (bad breath). Mouthwashes of Oxyfresh brand fall under this category. If you have a chronic problem of bad breath, plesae contact our office online or by calling 204-415-5567.


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