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Make your dream of fairy-tale smile on your wedding day a reality at Serenity Dental!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. A beautiful healthy smile will make the photos of your special day a priceless memory that you will keep with pride forever. At Serenity Dental, we believe that all brides and grooms deserve to have the most gleaming beaming radiant smile that personifies their exuberance and confidence. We have the artistic eye, experience, and training to design the Wedding Smile Makeovers to make subtle or dramatic changes in the appearance of your smile.

Serenity’s Bridal Smile Makeover can:

  • Whiten your yellow, discoloured or stained teeth making your smile naturally gorgeous
  • Straighten your teeth within 4- 9 months to remove unsightly gaps or correct those crowded teeth that’s always bothered you
  • Change old silver fillings to tooth-coloured composite fillings
  • Reshape gums to improve the look of your smile
  • Repair broken/chipped/jagged teeth
  • Can replace missing teeth with bridges, cosmetic partial denture, and implants

Package 1: Whiter Brighter Smile for $295 ($500 regular….. save $205)

We can whiten your smile with Laser Whitening utilizing industry’s leading technology which can result up to 10 shades lighter on shade guide. Our patients often compliment on the beautiful results of this system.

From someone who tried Laser Whitening at Serenity Dental:

“Serenity Dental is all about a great patient experience and quality dentistry. I was explained all my options in depth before starting the treatment. It was a great experience getting my teeth whitened at Serenity Dental before my sister’s wedding. The room was so relaxing with mood lights and relaxing music. To pamper me further, the chair had heat and massage. The procedure lasted about an hour and I was five shades lighter with zero pain or sensitivity. I absolutely love my new smile!!!”

Package 2: Straight Teeth in Six Months ($500 Off)

Do you want a nice straight smile, but don’t want to spend years in braces/ clear aligners? We have the most innovative solution that employs lucid-lok clear braces and tooth- colored wires to straighten teeth in six months using safe and light forces. You need to allow at least 6to 9 for this type treatment before your wedding day. At Serenity Dental, We offer free consultation for Six Month Smiles

From our patient who underwent Six Month Smile Braces at Serenity Dental:

“Right from the first phone call, my treatment was handled very well at Serenity Dental. I’m a professional and was very self- conscious about the looks of my smile. Dr. Mangat gave me the wonderful option of six month smiles. My colleagues and friends barely noticed my braces. As she promised, the beautiful results of my smile were achieved within 4 months. I’m highly impressed with the level of care and professionalism of the team at Serenity Dental and would recommend this office to all my friends and family.”

Package 3: Seamless Beautiful Smile….Porcelain Veneers (20% off)

If you don’t like the shade, shape, size and alignment (only minor misalignments) and want fast results, porcelain veneers can create a flawless smile your smile in only two visits.

From someone who got Porcelain Crowns done at Serenity Dental:

“I came to Serenity Dental for a Cosmetic Consultation. I hated the appearance of my smile. I love the job Dr. Mangat did for me. I avoided smiling for years, but I cannot stop smiling now. I love the many compliments I receive often about my pretty smile now. I really like the spa like feeling at Serenity Dental. It is totally worth the 6 hours of drive to come see Dr. Mangat at Serenity Dental.”

Package 4: Instant Smile Makeover….Cosmetic Bonding (20% off)

It is a very effective and affordable solution to achieve a beautiful smile. It is a great solution for restoring chipped teeth, jagged incisal (biting) edges, diastemas (gaps), discoloration( dark or white spots).

From someone who got Porcelain Crowns done at Serenity Dental:

“I originally came to Serenity Dental for getting my teeth whitened. I loved my experience at this office. The décor and the environment of the office were very warm and relaxing. I found the team to be very knowledgeable and helping. A couple days later, I chipped my front filling which was bonded quite a few times before and never lasting for more than 4- 5 months at a time. My dentist could not see me on emergency basis, but Serenity Dental was able to offer me the same day emergency appointment. She spent a lot of time making sure the size, shape and color matched to my own teeth. This was the first time in my experience that someone was so detailed oriented. No wonders my tooth looks so natural and after more than a year, it still looks fabulous and brand new. Of course, she is my dentist for life now.”

“I hated my smile for years and avoided smiling. I`m a very nervous when it comes to dentistry. For this reason, I avoided going to the dentist and fixing my smile. I`m so glad I found someone very considerate and gentle like Dr. Mangat. She and her assistant work so well together. This is the first office that does not make me feel anxious. She is a true artist and a perfectionist when it comes to doing cosmetic bonding which shows in the quality of her work. My new smile has helped me increasing my self-confidence level. Many thanks to wonderful Dr. Mangat and her team for giving me a beautiful smile just before my wedding!”

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